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Smile Straight.

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Welcome to

Kenworthy Orthodontics

In this video, Dr Kenworthy explains the optimal time frame for starting orthodontic treatment, and shares the lifelong benefits of acting early to correct some of your orthodontic needs.

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This is how we do it

Be Groovy

Be Groovy

We understand that everyone is as individual as their smile. Our comprehensive diagnosis and personalized treatment plans focus on what makes your smile groovy.

Smile Straight

Smile Straight

We are proficient in all the evidence based orthodontic treatments available (we’ve even patented some). Clear braces, lingual brackets, expanders, retainers, aligners and every type of combination to fit your wants and needs.

Rock On

& Rock On

We work hard and play hard. We make teeth straight and stock the freezer in our waiting room with our favorite frozen treats to share.

Our Treatment

Nice to Meet You!

Even though we love our office, we know that the first visit anywhere can cause some anxiety. In this video we show you what happens at your first visit to Kenworthy Orthodontics. We explain why we take photos, a low-dose 3D X-ray, and a 3D scan of your teeth, and how they help in creating your diagnosis and custom treatment plan.

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