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Smile Straight

Fast Digital Treatment

Modern orthodontic treatment has improved from the days of headgear, and metal braces.

These changes in orthodontics have improved patient care greatly. Dr Kenworthy is at the forefront of this change. We have an integrated digital office which makes fully customizable treatment faster, more comfortable, and precise while staying within your budget.

Our Treatment Process

Jaw X-Ray

Step 1

The most important step in orthodontics is making the right plan. In order to formulate the most custom diagnosis and treatment plan, each patient receives a 3D digital x-ray of their jaws. This emits less radiation than the old flat X-rays and yields more diagnostic information. Dr Kenworthy discusses all radiographic findings with each patient and explains which teeth may need treatment and why.

3D Scan

Step 2

An ultra accurate 3D video scan of your teeth and gums is then obtained, giving Dr Kenworthy a digital 3D model of each of your teeth. This system is far more precise than the goop-and-plaster representations orthodontists used in the 80’s.

Scanned File

Step 3

The scanned file is uploaded to software that we use to move your teeth to their ideal positions and see the precise measurements required to perfect your smile.

3D-printed teeth

Step 4

Finally, these files of your teeth are 3D printed in our office in about 30 minutes. The retainers and aligners produced by this process allow your treatment to be as short and comfortable as possible. Some treatments can be done in as little as 6 months.



We are a huge fan of the 80s – we love the music, the cars, and we even love the hair – but one thing we don’t love? Their braces technology! This is one reason we don’t use traditional metal braces at Kenworthy Orthodontics. Curious how we provide exceptional braces and orthodontic care in Missoula?


Clear Aligners

Clear alignment systems correct even severe misalignment and bite issues. But, have you ever wondered what it could do for you? Using our 3D imaging software, teeth will gradually move into proper alignment in as little as 6 months with clear aligners.


Lingual Braces

Unlike traditional braces that are attached to the front of the teeth, lingual braces are virtually invisible from the outside, offering a discreet orthodontic solution.

Other Orthodontic Services

  • Airway analysis
  • Early interventive expansion to correct jaw size and position to avoid dental impactions and potential jaw surgery.
  • TMD
  • Obstructice sleep apnea
  • Preparation for orthognathic surgery
  • Preparation for implant placement